realistic advice, complete service

The name Maestr is derived from Maestro. It's a nod to the musical world and the company's audiovisual roots. It has now grown into a specialist in the field of energy, home automation, installation technology, lighting design and audio/video integration. Well-designed, programmed and installed systems make the owner the conductor of his living environment. The specialist knowledge and experience of the three owners guarantees realistic advice, a sober approach and a very complete service, from energy to electrical installations to lighting design. We look at the demand of our customers from every perspective. This prevents surprises. Maestr has knowledge of the latest techniques and always thinks in terms of solutions. With a built team of installers, system integrators, audio/video specialists and project managers, we are happy to assist you and think along with you on your next challenge.

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Hans van der Stok

“Do what you're good at and what you like”

Since high school, Hans has had a great affinity for technology and technical products. In 2011, Hans founded Maestr. Initially, the focus was on integrating audio and video into real estate. He soon came into contact with more aspects of intelligent building technology. Hans developed into an all-round home automation specialist. He knows all the possibilities when it comes to home automation and is familiar with the latest options. Under his leadership, Maestr built a partnership with Gira. This is the leading brand for switchgear and advanced home automation components. Maestr thus has one of the two official Gira studios in the Netherlands. Before Hans founded Maestro, he studied technical business administration at the University of Groningen and worked for some time as a consultant.

Wilfred Castricum

“With home automation, we create synergy”

Wilfred has an electrical background. He gained several years of experience at a major electrical installation company as a project manager. After that, he worked as a system integrator. Wilfred eventually started his own business as a system integrator and programmer. As a self-employed person, he specialized in the application of KNX building management systems. These are all-in-one home automation systems. In this role, Wilfred worked extensively and successfully with Hans at Maestr, which led to co-ownership. At Maestr, Wilfred is responsible for managing the team of programmers.

Erik van Dodewaard

“We bring customer needs to life with the best solutions”

Erik was almost literally spoon-fed to electrical engineering. His father and grandfather were electrical engineers. Erik learned the trade by working four days and going to school for one day. He amply earned his spurs as an installer at various companies. He then became co-owner of Hartog Elektro's own family business, which has now been around for 80 years. Erik took over the family business permanently in 2016 and took the step to integrate Hartog Elektro into Maestr in 2021. With the integration of Hartog Elektro, Maestr can also install and maintain any home automation solution in-house.