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Music and video play a major role in our daily lives. Maestr integrates high-quality audiovisual solutions into residential and office environments. With our systems, we ensure that all applications exactly meet your needs. You have your streaming services at your fingertips and watch and listen in any room in the way that suits you. You probably have different needs for the living room than for the bathroom, including the waiting room in your office environment. You want to control the whole thing with one system. Maestr specializes in the integration and position of all elements. Your audiovisual system blends seamlessly into the environment, both visible and invisible.

Unmatched sound

With Maestr's solutions, you can centrally and wirelessly decide which music to play where and at what volume. Our approach and the quality of the elements guarantee an unbeatable sound experience. Before and after the final installation, we test the sound and acoustics. This acoustics should not be underestimated; it can have up to 50% impact on the sound experience and sound quality in the room. Maestr has the ability to perform acoustic calibration measurements and control the system optimally.

Invisible solutions

Maestr places your screen or television invisible if you want to. You can pull the screen out at the touch of a button, from the wall, floor or ceiling, there are many solutions available. We completely hide speakers with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, or even with hidden speakers. Speakers invisibly integrated behind a leather or fabric covered wall? Feel free to ask about the options.

Home theater

More and more people are opting for a home theater, a home theater. Rightly so, because the experience is great and this function is no longer necessary in the living room. Setting up a home cinema is a specific discipline within audiovisual systems. Maestr has this discipline in-house. We have the knowledge and equipment to fully configure your home cinema according to your needs. The arrangement of the elements requires specialist attention. The requirements, wishes and characteristics of the space determine the possibilities. We advise on the type of screen, acoustics, screen size, lighting and sound elements. Maestr designs a simulation beforehand. After installation, we adjust the equipment specifically to the space and the desired experience. Enjoy the best picture and unparalleled sound in your home theater. We designed and installed various home theaters, feel free to ask for references or drop by for a demonstration.

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