Way of working

You can contact us for the entire process from the initial design, installation to maintenance. Our process for your new home automation system consists of several phases.

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Phase 1: Intake – realistic and targeted advice

How do you envision it? In which areas do you want which convenience? How do you want to operate your home automation? What requirements do you set for the lighting design? In the intake phase, we discuss all options and the preconditions with the project manager. We go through your requirements and wishes in every area. In this phase we give you targeted advice on solutions. We know all the options in the field of home automation and have the latest techniques in house. In consultation with you, we determine whether a detailed calculation is necessary.

Phase 2: Design – seamlessly integrated home automation

Maestr translates your requirements and wishes and the technical preconditions into a design. We advise on the optimal placement of components in the rooms. Together we choose the best solutions for your situation. If desired, we can also take care of the lighting design and technical drawing. We guarantee that we integrate the domotics seamlessly into your project. To achieve this, we coordinate with each discipline involved. We make an overview of all functionalities and record every aspect and every agreement. Every party involved knows exactly which elements your home automation system consists of, so we prevent surprises in the implementation.

Phase 3: Installation – as agreed, technically perfect

Maestr takes care of the installation of your new system according to the agreements we made with you in phases 1 and 2. We have this discipline in-house. This ensures that the (installation) construction is technically perfect and proceeds according to agreement. Prior to and during installation, we coordinate with the project manager, contractor and/or architect.

Phase 4: delivery – check and explanation

Upon delivery, we check everything: software, equipment and the operation of all functionalities. You will receive a clear explanation of the practical operation and operation of your new home automation system. Maestr answers all your questions.

Phase 5: follow up – optimizing the system

We know from experience that specific wishes are only clear after you have been using your new home automation system for a number of weeks. Maestr therefore always visits you a few weeks after delivery. You share your experience with the controls and the possibilities of the system used. If necessary, we adjust things and optimize settings.

Service and maintenance

We have service and maintenance under our own management. Maestr offers various contract forms. You always have one point of contact for your maintenance contract. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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