Light is extremely important for the pleasant experience in a room. Light creates atmosphere and a pleasant living environment. Light creates a functional and pleasant working environment. Light accentuates architectural aspects. A well-thought-out lighting plan, combined with the right selection of light fixtures, ensures an optimal end result.

A thoughtful visual design

Maestr has all the knowledge and expertise to draw up a thorough lighting plan. Your requirements and wishes come first. We know what effect light has and which types of light are important in a room. We give you targeted advice and take into account the style of the building and the function and appearance of the various spaces in the visual design. The right degree of creativity within a lighting plan provides that little bit extra. Special attention is given to your office or workplace environment. With the correct lighting, it has been scientifically proven that effectiveness is increased and fatigue is reduced, aspects that should not be underestimated. Maestr has the knowledge to realize a well thought-out visual design.

A complete technical plan

In addition to the visual design, a well thought-out technical design is essential. Which groupings are needed? Which light scenes are desired? Which drivers do we choose? Which protractors are ideal within the desired application? We take into account the possibilities and the limitations. Maestr combines a well thought-out visual lighting design with a complete technical plan.

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