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Maestr Powered Energy (MPE) 

Our goal is clear: we would like to advise you, deliver high-quality energy management solutions and install them professionally. We believe in sustainable and smart applications that optimize your energy consumption and reduce your ecological footprint. With this goal in mind, we have developed a unique proposition for the market, called Maestr Powered Energy (MPE). MPE offers a solid combination of solid and innovative products and software, which communicate seamlessly to realize the most efficient and effective energy solution for your home or business premises. And all this happens completely automatically, without you having to worry about it yourself! You gain both insight and control, without costing you time and effort. The unique character is multi-fold, with three strong and distinctive advantages:

  1. Dynamic EPEX energy rates are fully automatically integrated into our system. This means that when you conclude a dynamic energy contract with one of the many energy suppliers (including ANWB, Eneco, etc.), this is fully automatically integrated into our system. This simply means that the system makes smart use of the properties of these energy contracts, with hourly prices changing every day. The system knows exactly when it is best to buy energy, so that you can save costs.
  2. MPE is configured for maximum self-sufficiency, or autarky, so that you are minimally dependent on the power grid. This puts minimal strain on the power grid, resulting in minimal CO2 emissions, with the added bonus of absolutely minimal consumption costs. A bold statement, but fully substantiated and concluded from practice.
  3. MPE has the standard (!) option for integration with and control of other electrical appliances, such as heat pumps, air conditioners, buffer & boiler tanks. This integration enables maximum efficiency. The examples are endless, we will mention two: preheating the boiler tank on self-generated solar power, or only allowing the heat pump to operate at the most favorable energy rates.

In the pdf-file below you will find our brochure, so that you can discuss the operation and benefits of our MPE system in peace.

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