Energy storage and more

The possibilities for generating and storing energy at your home or business premises are increasing. This gives you control over the power you generate. Storing energy is a future-proof and cost-saving solution. Storing energy is sustainable. You are assured of power during peak times. And you can use your generated energy in the most cost-efficient way. ‍

Director of your own energy

Maestr installs a compact and safe battery at your home or at your business premises. This battery has a large storage capacity. You store the energy that you generate yourself with your solar panels. Your home automation system calculates the most favorable way to use the energy: use it yourself, return it, or save it for later. You determine your preferences, the system supports. This way you use the energy you generate with your solar panels in the most efficient way. It is also possible to store energy from the grid in your battery system. ‍

Energy management systems

With domotics you are able to optimally manage the energy you generate and consume. What patterns are there in your current energy consumption and how do you deal with this efficiently? How do you use the weather forecast to manage your energy storage? When do you charge the car? With domotics we add logic. We are able to optimize the storage and consumption of energy.

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