Security installation

What level of security do you need? That is the key question when purchasing your security system. What do you want to protect? What risks are there and how likely are they to occur? This determines which security elements we integrate into your home automation system. We go through your requirements and wishes and discuss all options. Based on this, we make an action plan. Every project at Maestr is tailor-made. Security works preventively: it prevents risks. And it works correctively. If something does happen, you can limit the damage. Maestr is at home in the full spectrum of security options. ‍

Coordinated security system

The security is integrated in your home automation system. Maestr aligns with each discipline involved. We ensure that the security elements in your home automation system are in accordance with other structural measures that you take to secure your building. Structural and automated security measures come together in one plan.

Immediately take the right action

With cameras and sensors you can signal incidents in a timely manner. An unwanted visitor, smoke development, glass damage. If desired, you will receive a notification and you can follow developments around your property in real time on your smartphone. The system can recognize specific objects or faces. We set up the system in such a way that it immediately takes the right action. Think of switching on the sprinkler system, illuminating the entire site, switching on all interior lighting or calling the emergency services. Maestr provides your solutions for, among other things, access controls, fire alarm systems and burglary protection.

What do you need?

You have requirements, wishes and an idea of what you want and need. We explore your picture, we identify your needs and advise you on what suits your specific situation. We integrate your security choices into the home automation system. We advise, design, install and maintain. Our security design is functional, aesthetically pleasing and integrated into your living environment. It is technically well thought-out, easy to operate and complete.

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